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Why LIFELaunching?

LifeLaunching by TrustNavigator

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LifeLaunching enhances returns for colleges, students, parents, and employers, enriching the traditional college experience by expanding alumni engagement and connecting students with partner corporations for skills matching, testing, training and career opportunities.

LifeLaunching’s curriculum focuses on business, life, and career education, as well as weekly employment panels engaging alumni from various affinity organizations and participating sponsor employers.

LifeLaunching is a fee-based professional development program that operates with student organizations on campus.

Trust Navigator LLC is a not-for-profit organization preparing, & networking students and alumni with employers who seek qualified candidates. Today we focus on increasing campus involvement through a program that delivers career, business, entrepreneurial, and life education

Statistics show that opportunities for networking, shadowing, career mentorships, and internships with alumni and employers on campus increase the chances that students will become more engaged, successful alumni after graduation.

Students lacking on-the-job experience, underemployment, and student loan debt, in a new technology generation learn to leverage college resources creating measurable ROI results on the college investment within a fun-spirited campus society.

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Sample Curriculum Outline
and Highlights

Planning your Professional Trajectory

  • Meeting agenda regularly

Financial Literacy

  • Managing credit cards and bank accounts
  • Understanding financial terms
  • Taxes and IRS forms

Learning to Brand Yourself (Resume)

  • Going up with a lot of high candidates
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Strongest characteristics forward

Tailor your Interview Process and Your Work Performance to Job Description

  • Key words in the job description
  • Key skills and ways to read a job description
  • Evaluations and being in-conflict with something else

Professional Leadership

  • Gaining trust and respect
  • Act like you have been there before
  • Knowing when to be a leader and a teammate

Conflict Management

  • Learning when to compromise
  • Watching and role playing/debates
  • Social Lessons

Intro to Networking

  • Using your alumni to your advantage
  • Creating your elevator speech
  • Realizing when you are in a networking environment

Interviewing Etiquette and Best Practices

  • Connection between the resume and interview
  • Asking questions about your future
  • What’s a “good” handshake?

Researching your Company

  • What is your cultural fit?
  • What is the most relevant information I can find on the company?

Negotiating your Contract

  • Knowing what the priorities are
  • What is included in my package

Networking at your Company

  • Unspoken culture
  • Who can be your mentor?

Student Loan Debt

  • Personalize to a specific campus
  • Show the difference between certain plans (consolidate vs. not)