Career Education
for the Working World

  • Learn how to develop interests and passions into careers, not just jobs.
  • Know the value of networking and take advantage of all networking opportunities (events, panels, online discussions).
  • Graduate with multiple work-related experiences.
  • Craft YOU as a BRAND and learn interview skills.
  • Build a relationship and foster alumni as future career connections.
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College Students

LifeLaunchingYour Future

Career Coaching

  • Experienced guidance
  • World experience
  • Don't find a job... find a career
  • Rethink, revise, reform your future
  • Shadow Programs
  • Internships

Life/Business Skills

  • Master Business Skills
  • Develop real-world life skills
  • Get a professional edge
  • Business, finance, marketing and communidations focus - key skills to success

Experiential Training

  • Accelerate completion of business goals
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Energetic training modules
  • Organizational goals and events
  • Guided discovery


  • Virtual testing for career path validation
  • Identify interests, career options, and strengths/weaknesses
  • Prepares students for career paths
  • Employer/applicant job matching
  • Survey and data collection