Career Education
for the Working World

  • Learn how to develop interests and passions into careers, not just jobs.
  • Know the value of networking and take advantage of all networking opportunities (events, panels, online discussions).
  • Graduate with multiple work-related experiences.
  • Craft YOU as a BRAND and learn interview skills.
  • Build a relationship and foster alumni as future career connections.
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College Students

Announcing Internship Opportunities

TrustNavigator Announced today that up to 5000 Greek students will be offered Internships starting in January 2019 through their proprietary education. The virtual internships will be offered in a broad range of industries and professions from Finance to Human Resources to Marketing and Business Development among many others. Greek organizations are all eligible to offer these internships to their members to give them a great career advantage over non Greeks.

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LifeLaunchingYour Future

Career Coaching

  • Experienced guidance
  • World experience
  • Don't find a job... find a career
  • Rethink, revise, reform your future
  • Shadow Programs
  • Internships

Life/Business Skills

  • Master Business Skills
  • Develop real-world life skills
  • Get a professional edge
  • Business, finance, marketing and communidations focus - key skills to success

Experiential Training

  • Accelerate completion of business goals
  • Peer to peer learning
  • Energetic training modules
  • Organizational goals and events
  • Guided discovery


  • Virtual testing for career path validation
  • Identify interests, career options, and strengths/weaknesses
  • Prepares students for career paths
  • Employer/applicant job matching
  • Survey and data collection